Who we are

MEDIADVICE brings together several international experts who  have worked out a niche Strategy - over the past ten years - for Events management, PR, TV and Internet communications markets.These advisors are distinguished by a single, concentrated approach to the various aspects which are taking place backstage over the very specific usages of TV and the Internet for the purposes of business communications, most often connected with events.

MEDIADVICE is a group of  international companies , bringing together several renowned experts, each with specfic areas of expertise who  have worked out  niche strategies  to assist events and organisations maximise their  global engagement

 We can assist  a wide range  of  events , institutions, NGOs, and multinationals, to understand the often complex mechanisms which make it possible to reach  multiple screens, whichever they are, with an overall worldwide approach. 

Mediadvice provides consulting advice and operational services  led by   creative event management professionals to assist companies and organising committees to secure the best  management  and  exposure for Major Events.

It also involves exploiting the new veins of the Internet and the communications synergies with other media in order to reach the end client. 

However, it doesn't stop there.

Besides philosophy and advice , "mediadvice.org" offers the specialists  you may need. All these people and companies stand out for their pragmatic, craftsman-like approach. They keep a low profile on the market, in order to watch over the important projects entrusted to them with the greatest discretion.

The appearance of these individuals and their companies on this portal reflects their broad knowledge of the techniques,the networks, and the world-level requirements  of the media.