Marketing & Sponsorship

Christophe Berthaud

Christophe Berthaud is an experienced senior executive with 30 years in the  industry. His specific expertise comes from his wealth of experience gained in the world of marketing and sponsorship. He participated  in many major international events and projects, with prestigious luxury brands and properties, leading strategic decisions and operations. He negotiated  many  sponsorship agreements, including Olympic Games, developed many successful concepts and implementations, generating incredible value for the parties involved. 

It is important to recognize that the economic and technology environments have changed dramatically during recent  years. This imposes some mind-shifts and innovative approaches to all  involved , but also triggers fantastic opportunities.

Marketing is a key to your competitive advantage and sponsorship can be a decisive factor for your company’s credibility and messaging, enabling   increased revenue  and broader  customer’s experience. If well managed it can be the best tool to reach a large audience with limited resources, to enhance your company profile and drive sales. Sponsorship will help you re-shape your marketing approach and programs, in a context of decreasing budgets and ever  more complex digital communication systems.

Whatever your activity is, the benefits will irrigate all areas of your company. We can deliver  any property and event, build original and tailor-made solutions, based on your objectives and budget.  

With his wide experience Christophe will assist you from strategic choices to operational implementation and activation, through concepts, rights negotiation and programs, to shape fruitful partnerships that will maximize your assets and return on investment. His broad base of experience covering all stages of a project life-cycle will give you a full 360-view of this area. Whatever your questions are, let’s talk about it, review opportunities and create value.